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Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)


 trust and play

 Kakihara Tetsuya x Okamoto Nobuhiko

  Release date: April 15, 2020



01 KiraKira Eden
02 One Morning
03 Dear chooser
04 Real Me
05 Tomo to tomoni
06 Paradise



  Release date: July 24, 2019





01 PLASTIC POKER with Terashima Junta
02 Ever☆Blooming! ~Fuyugumi ver.~ by Fuyugumi
03 "A3!" Voice drama "MANKAI channel Fuyugumi hen"
04 PLASTIC POKER (instrumental)
05 Ever☆Blooming! ~Fuyugumi ver.~ (instrumental)


 Noble Bullet 07 Boshin Sensou Group

  Release date: October 24, 2018





01 Limited Cords by Uchida Yuma
02 Promise by Suzuki Shogo
03 Knock Knock Knock
04 Limited Cords (Inst.)
05 Promise (Inst.)
06 Knock Knock Knock (Inst.)


 Naked Moon Light

  Release date: October 26, 2016





01 Naked Moon Light with Namikawa Daisuke & Hatano Wataru
02 Naked Moon Light (Hyuga Itsuki ver.)
03 Namikawa Daisuke especially message
04 Naked Moon Light (Kabei Yuzu ver.)
05 Kakihara Tetsuya especially message
06 Naked Moon Light (Sakuma Shu ver.)
07 Hatano Wataru especially message
08 Naked Moon Light - off vocal -
09 Tsuda Kenjirou especially message



  Release date: June 15, 2016





01 Susumasero!
02 My way
03 Aoku


 Code Realize -Sousei no Himegimi-

 Character CD Vol.3

  Release date: May 04, 2016



01 Yasashii yokan ~in the morning rays~
02 Yasashii yokan ~in the morning rays~ (instrumental)
03 Toaru hitoyo no katarai nite ~The side of Victor Frankenstein~


 Over The Rainbow Special Fan Disc

  Release date: December 23, 2015





02 Reboot

03 pride with Maeno Tomoaki


 Shounen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-

 Character Song CD Araki Ikuma

  Release date: April 08, 2015 



01 Jingi GREEN


03 Jingi GREEN (instrumental)

04 DOREMIFA MUSIC (instrumental)


 Zettai Meikyu Grimm Character

 Concept CD Vol.1

  Release date: July 16, 2010



01 Prologue
02 No ichigo wo tsumamu Akazukin ~youkoso, Grim meikyuu ichiza he~
03 epilogue
04 No ichigo wo tsumamu Akazukin ~youkoso, Grim meikyuu ichiza he~ (off vocal)


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