Snakie's Obsession

A small lyrics site that focuses mainly on Japanese music



  name Jeanna
nickname SnakeRoot / Snakie
birthday October 04, 1981
city, country Moscow, Russia




Here I am

outside hazel eyes, dark chestnut hair
inside I'm not as nice as people think of me
seeing world in greyscale
education civil law master
phobias agrophobia, algophobia, kairophobia
pets common swift Gryphon aka Grifa & common swift Truffle @commonswiftgryphon
piercing one hole in each ear
tattoo tribal and sunflower
collection gigabytes of j-music and tea-bag labels
bad habits to live in the net, to eat tonnes of sweets and to download J-music. oh yeah... besides I cuss


fragrances gourmet-ish
time of the day evening
colors persian green, chartreuse, electric, magenta
food keto
drinks tea with a slice of orange, chocolate-mint tea
sweets m&m's
flowers Helianthus
books 'Piège pour Cendrillon' - Sebastien Japrisot, 'Les crimes de l'amour, du le delire des passions' - marquis de Sade, 'The sorrows of Satan' - Marie Corelli, 'Den ärliga bedragaren' - Tove Jansson
authors Franck Thilliez  Boris Akunin, Thomas Harris, Phillip Farmer, Alexandra Marinina
movies The silence of the lambs, Love Actually, Harry Potter series, Cube series, The Saw series
actors Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Spacey, Colin Firth
bands, persons Erasure, angela, HYDE
I would like to be rich lazybones ^_^


mood everyday happy

routine payot blue techni liss
make-up Clarins Crayon Khol 01 & 02, Kiko Milano Volumeyes+ active mascara
haircut long
fragrance Montale "Chocolate Greedy" & Guerlain "Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin"
music none for me, only for lyrics
book thrillers, horrors
love Niki, my husband
obsession Richard Burgi

I Like

to read, to sing, to dream, to listen to the music, sunflowers, thunder-storm, my flat, Barbie, white terry robe, sea, lead sky, scary stories, darkness, book stores, friends, computer, when everybody telling me 'yes' and don't ask silly questions, brown eye-mascara, to go to the sea and not to swin even once, Italy, to receive presents, voice projection, internet, Moscow at night, to book sit at the right wing in the airplane, to go mushrooming (going into the woods, picking up edible mushrooms), fireworks, balloons, the Simpsons.

I Dislike

coffee, cockroaches, the smell of sweat, when someone's disturbes me while I'm eating, the sun, beer, roughness, regret, feebleness, sluggishness, James Bond, unessential people, smoking people, subway, the one's who wears watch on the right hand, to be sick, when а toilet roll is attached with the free end toward the wall, when a toothpaste tube is used from the middle and not from the far end, green tea, when someone's examines me, trousers with a low waist, songs at a campfire played with guitar, loud voices, when someone's orders me, that vile pig from Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh, to slop out flowers, customs inspection, to get up early, losers, to follow fashion, stations.


SnakeRoot: in the remote past one otaku has undertaken to write my name using kanji, but probably didn't know it well. then he, without long thinking, has taken name 'Jane' (蛇根), which just also translated as Snake Root. when deceit has revealed, I have already got used to this nickname.
romaji I like to sing, well, I really like to sing, and for that lyrics is needed. of course, there are masters of romanization - Cori, Meg and animelyrics portal, but they don't have everything, that I need. that's why I decided to make some lyrics for myself. in due course there were enough to share with others. certainly, I don't do only old stuff, I'm trying to romanize newest too, good that japanese releases are set for every wednesday. so there are a lot of work for like one hundred years. and it's good that sometimes amazing EvilSin helps me, huge thanks to him.


50 facts about me


o1 Name's Jeanna, friends call me Snakie. I think most of you know about this.
o2 I was born October 4, 1981 in Moscow, you can count my age yourself I assume.
o3 I was christened when I was 9 (Christian name Ц Daria), still I wear the Star of David.
o4 I have a younger brother.
o5 I'm awfully selfish. Sometimes it scares me.
o6 My inner world has always been and will always be the most fascinating to me. I really don't like when someone tries to pull me out of it. I react quite aggressively to something like this.
o7 I adore money and I know how to be thrifty. It astonishes me when someone complains that they can't save up.
o8 I'm quite difficult to converse with, although I have friends. The majority of them are heterosexual man. Hope they don't put up with me because of my breast size.
o9 I love to travel. I try to fly at least twice a year for a couple of weeks.
1o As of now I was in the following countries: The Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey. Just a drop in the ocean.
11 I would really love to learn to pilot a plane. Alas without the aerodynamics you can't do that, and they suck.
12 I'm easily disenchanted, my passions come and go. Very strange that after so many years Japanese music is still one of them.
13 Another one of my longtime passions is teabags labels. I always linger in the tea shops and drink tea abroad in cafes and restaurants.
14 I love to eat good food too, although cooking is not my virtue. I find it a waste of time. Two hours in front of the oven to gobble it all in 15 minutes? No, thank you ))
15 I prefer Italian and Japanese cuisines.
16 By the way, I dislike all kinds of fruit. If I have to choose between an apple and candy, I will take candy without hesitation. I don't like caviar or ice-cream either, but enjoy them from time to time.
17 My favorites - M&Ms. The best kind is with peanut butter, but sadly, you can't find them in Russia.
18 I don't like alcohol, the taste is awful. And I hate people who try to make me drink. I have never got wasted in my life.
19 I'm pretty much a gourmet when it comes to perfumes: chocolate, rum, vanilla, cinnamon.
2o I'm obsessed with make-up. I have more than 100 nail lacquers and a lot of eye shadow palettes. Not a fan of lipstick though.
21 I adore sunflowers. I pamper myself with a bunch quite often.
22 I have a peculiar relationship with sports. When I was a kid I used to be a diver, then I stopped for some time and then I did some variation of power lifting, but it was not for long. My working weight were 42 kilos bench-press and 50 kilos dead lift and squat. After that I didn't have much time for exercising. The last time I was vigorously exercising was in November 2013. I really want to go to the gym again, but I'm just exhausted all the time.
23 I have been working since I was 17. Still I'm really not an every-day-office person, so I just can't wait for someone to support me. Then I'll be able to go to the gym again and travel whenever I want and romanize more lyrics.
24 People gossip and small talk annoy me. I couldn't care less about people around me, but out of decency I have to ask how everyone's life is.
25 And with that I have a good skill of remembering faces. Surely I would love to remember something else this good.
26 I have a unirace face Ц all dark haired races think I'm with them.
27 I'm ambidextrous, learned to write with my left hand myself.
28 I'm an introvert. I could've spent weeks in my apartment, but I have to walk my dog.
29 That's right, I do have a dog Ц chocolate Labrador retriever named Mika. RIP my sweet baby.
3o Still I'm not a dog person. I only love my dogs, I don't care about the others.
31 In the past I had parrots, hamsters, goldfish, a bat, snails, an owl, a rat and a cat. Not a the same time of course.
32 Cats in my twitter and instagram annoy me.
33 I don't like camping, singing song with guitar by the campfire, when the smoke from it is in your face and the mosquitoes bite you in the butt. I'm an urbanistic person.
34 I am terrified of pigeons, butterflies and tall buildings. Skyscrapers, monuments and all kinds of pipes mortify me.
35 I can drive, but don't go behind the wheel.
36 I don't know my blood type A(II) Rh+
37 I can forgive anything except not being attentive to me.
38 I love to sing, and don't like when people hear me doing it.
39 I live in the internet.
4o Something always aches in my body.
41 I still fly in my dreams.
42 At the moment my perfect man is Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
43 I have 2 tattoos. One always hurts when the weather changes.
44 I'm really afraid of getting old.
45 I love movies with Anthony Hopkins.
46 I like reading horoscopes and creepy stories.
47 I love to use very clever words in the conversations and then watch people's reaction when they don't know them, but are embarrassed to ask the meaning.
48 I don't like coffee.
49 I love going to the museums.
5o My life completely changed with common swift.