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  name Sasha or Alexander
nickname EvilSin
birthday November 3, 1990
city, country Moscow, Russia





Here I am

outside grey-blue-green eyes, dark chesnut hair
inside modest and sociable, but pervy
seeing computer monitor
wearing purple jeans and a hoodie
education English Bachelor
languages Russian, English, some Italian, a little bit of Japanese and the slightest bit of French and Korean
surely mine self-criticism, spontaneity, panicking without a reason
favorite phrase "Stop making fun of my pants, they are already funny"; "Just trousers full of joy", "Feeling really nice once eaten"
phobias monophobia, sphexophobia
pets none T_T
collection piles of waste paper, which are "Gameland" magazines
bad habits spending all of my time in the internet, cracking my fingers, biting my lips, picking my nose


fragrances O-Zone, Dolce Vita, Cavali, from the bakery under my window, fresh cucumber
time of the day evening
colors yellow and purple
food Ceasar salad, Margarita pizza, Philadelphia rolls, toridon, curry udon
drinks flavored black tea, classic ice-tea, Laimon Fresh, coke
sweets milk chocolate, gelatos-sorbets-sherbets etc.
animals crazy rabbids
flowers gladiolus, iris, heartsease
books Jonathan Coe - What A Carve Up!
authors Stephanie Meyer, lol
movies Catwoman, Harry Potter, Twilight
men Verbal & Taku of m-flo, Lee Taemin of SHINee, Lee Donghae of Super Junior, Shim Changmin of DBSK
women Halle Berry, Koda Kumi, Jennifer Lopez, Amuro Namie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Crystal Kay, Cheryl Cole, Emma Stone, Leah Dizon, Kuroki Meisa, BENI, Kato Miliyah
bands, persons Girls Aloud, SHINee, SNSD, f(x), Perfume
I would like to be a singer


mood apothetic
face sleepy
haircut medium length, natural color
music Jessie Ware
concern new responsibilities at the workplace
love *sigh*
woman of my dreams Koda Kumi
man of my dreams Dylan O'Brien


50 facts about me


01 I'm 25 this year, Jesus!
02 love my friends
03 I have an older brother, who is the greatest
04 my colleagues at work are great too
05 I'm really trying to do morning exercises every day
06 I'm a virgin, lol
07 I'm bisexual
08 took me quite a while to finally accept myself as I am, but I got there
09 can't leave without the internet
10 I don't watch TV, like, at all
11 I don't like to read, especially in Russian
12 still I like reading in English due to language
13 it took me almost 11 years to understand that I love English xD
14 I was studying Italian at the university, although I really wanted to learn Japanese, duh
15 thought I might start learning another language, but I'm too lazy now
16 I don't really remember how herring tastes like, but I remember that I can't stand it
17 tea is life
18 I'm awfully lazy especially lately
19 I have an attention span of a 2 year old
20 I was severely bullied in school
21 I'm short-sighted and my sight is quite bad, around 40% of the norm
22 my hearing is kinda selective and kinda bad too, I hear pervy things that people didn't say, lol
23 I have CHD (congenital heart defect)
24 haven't been doing PE since 6th grade
25 it's excruciatingly painful for me to buy presents when I don't have a single clue what to buy
26 I'm not superstitious, but I follow some omens because of habit
27 my stomach is pretty weak and it can complain even when I'm eating standard food
28 I'm very amorous, give me something to like about you and you'll be on the top of my list, lol
29 I would love to travel to the USA, England and Japan
30 still I probably wouldn't want to live there, but who knows
31 I still kinda like this country, although a lot of horrible things happen around
32 I'm certainly not a patriot of my country
33 wasps are the worst! get them away from me
34 I'm scared of being lonely (Beyonce reference), but I can't be with people every single day
35 It's been quite challenging for me to out right say "no"
36 I have chronic low blood pressure
37 love when it's 30C degrees outside
38 love our country house
39 I'm a half casual / half hardcore gamer depending on the game
40 too bad I didn't study in an English school instead of the normal one
41 I was in the school's choir for year or so
42 I've been dyslexic lately, wonder why
43 I used to gnaw my nails
44 now I opt for fumbling something in my hands or biting my lips
45 I'm pretty sure I can live without a car
46 I kinda like underground railways xD
47 I don't have any tattoos or piercings and I don't plan on doing any soon
48 I'm egocentric
49 I can be easily offended, but I'm pretty forgiving at the same time
50 when I'm drunk I tend to cling to people, lol