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Pavolia Reine - Illusion Night


Lyrics: Aira (Dream Monster)
Music: Aira (Dream Monster)
From the digital single "Illusion Night" (CVRD-211)
Typed: SnakeRoot





Kiss me! Keep those lips from wandering off
Tell me every sweet and tender thought!
Give me all you have to give and more...
Fantasy's where futures are born!

Can you feel the beat? The rhythm, the tune...
Your heart and mine - the countdown...
If you feel something coming to you,
believe it and scream it aloud!

I don't think "I'll miss you..." anymore, like I did the day you left.
There's so many just like you, I could use instead!
'Cause passion burning bright only hurts you in the end.
This city will swallow the pain...
Tomorrow's another today...

Curtain Call's at dawn, darling! Showtime!
Spend our moment dancing in the moonlight!
'Til your gaze starts swaying with my body...
keep your eyes on me!

Take me somewhere, deep into the night...
Touch me - here, there, anywhere you like!
Trust me! Won't you let me look inside?
Fantasies and futures collide

It's just the two of us beneath the starry sky...

If the only way to keep on living is "Keep on living strong!"
Then, you can keep the kindness, 'cause I'm moving on!
No need to say "goodbye" to me - I'm already gone!
Just wipe all your tears away
and know we'll start over someday...

All your heart, your soul, your body...
You belong to one and only!
Unconditionally yearning,
knowing no one else will do...

Can you feel the bond between us grow tight?
We're closer than we've ever been!
Follow me! Match your rhythm to mine,
and let it all out from within!

I don't think I miss you any more than I did the day you left...
I won't say "I love you." I know I'll take it back!
I'm used to this. I'm not the same old loser that
burned bright and quick, when candles and wind could never last!
A city that's living in fast-forward's

the perfect place for lovers like us to take a chance!
There's nothing here to stop us - when in Rome, romance!
And, I won't let you leave me alone without a dance!
I don't wanna' hear a goodbye...
Don't break the illusion tonight...

Curtain call's at dawn, darling! Showtime!
Spend forever living'til the sunrise!
Feel that look, even with the lights off...
Dance until we drop!