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Miss Monday


 Life is beautiful

  Release date: May 26, 2010





01 Life is beautiful feat. Uezu Kiyosaku from MONGOL800, Salyu, SHOCK EYE from Shounannokaze
02 Anata ni deatte feat. YU-A
03 Monday Classics vol.2 mixed by DJ ETSU
04 Life is beautiful (instrumental)
05 Anata ni deatte (instrumental)


 Sayonara feat. Sugawara Sayuri

  Release date: March 24, 2010





01 Sayonara feat. Sugawara Sayuri
02 Yuki no kudarugai de (Long Winter ver.) feat. HOKT from N.C.B.B
03 Take It Easy
04 Sayonara (instrumental)


 The Light feat. Kj (Dragon Ash), Moriyama

 Naotarou, PES (RIP SLYME)

  Release date: January 28, 2009



01 The Light feat. Kj (Dragon Ash), Moriyama Naotarou, PES (RIP SLYME)
02 Jun'ai hyakkei
03 Shawase no tane (Nesian Mystik remix)
04 The Light (instrumental)
05 Jun'ai hyakkei (instrumental)


 Shiawase no tane

  Release date: October 03, 2007





01 Shiawase no tane
02 OHANA (SpaceboyBoogieX HIPHOP remix)
03 Gekkou ~floating moon~
04 Shiawase no tane (instrumental)
05 OHANA (SpaceboyBoogieX HIPHOP remix) (instrumental)
06 Gekkou ~floating moon~ (instrumental)


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