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 Haten ni raimei

  Release date: May 28, 2019




01 Haten ni raimei
02 God's Not
03 LB4 Future


 Riot Anthem

  Release date: April 10, 2019




01 Riot Anthem


 Hoshi no nai sora

  Release date: May 30, 2018




01 Hoshi no nai sora
02 bite me
02 BIRI BIRI Money feat. Ladybeard
04 Hoshi no nai sora (off vocal ver.)
05 bite me (off vocal ver.)
06 BIRI BIRI Money feat. Ladybeard (off vocal ver.)


 Renge Chance!

  Release date: April 13, 2016




01 Renge Chance!
02 C'est si bon Kibun


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