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Koujo Seara (光上せあら)


 Gakeppuchi no Cinderella

  Release date: October 30, 2013





01 Gakeppuchi no Cinderella
02 Kitanai ai de afureteru no
03 Gakeppuchi no Cinderella (instrumental)
04 Kitanai ai de afureteru no (instrumental)


 Kimi to nara zekkocho

  Release date: February 25, 2009





01 Kimi to nara zekkocho
02 teens
03 Kimi to nara zekkocho (instrumental)
04 teens (instrumental)



  Release date: July 25, 2007





01 JOY
02 Angel
03 JOY (instrumental)
04 Angel (instrumental)


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