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Kondo Reina (近藤玲奈)


 Alcor to Polaris

  Release date: April 05, 2023




01 Alcor to Polaris
02 LemonAid LOVE
03 Alcor to Polaris (instrumental)
04 LemonAid LOVE (instrumental)


 Akogare Over / Mashiro Honma

  Release date: August 31, 2022




01 Akogare Over
02 Ichinissan Seaside Story
03 Akogare Over (instrumental)
04 Ichinissan Seaside Story (instrumental)




  Release date: March 30, 2022 



01 Ice Wings
02 Asymmetric World by M・A・O & Tachibana Rika
03 Ice Wings (instrumental)
04 Erase Me (instrumental)
05 Asymmetric World (Pecorine Solo Remix)
06 Asymmetric World (Karyl Solo Remix)


 11 jigen no Lena

  Release date: December 01, 2021




01 Boku dake ga kieru sekai
02 Erase Me
03 Houkago no Decadence
04 Boku ga aisareru hi wa
05 Raika
06 Boku dake ga kieru sekai (instrumental)
07 Erase Me (instrumental)
08 Houkago no Decadence (instrumental)
09 Boku ga aisareru hi wa (instrumental)
10 Raika (instrumental)


 SINce Memories: Off the starry sky

 Vocal Collection

  Release date: October 20, 2021



01 Hikari to kage no Laplace -short ver.- by Asaka
02 Long for you -short ver.- by Okamoto Mika
03 Hoshizora Orgel -short ver.- by Ayane
04 Sukoshi dake ii koishiyou
05 See you again by Tadokoro Azusa
06 Hello and Good-bye by Nagaki Sakura
07 Sekaijuu ni todokeru My Song by Okamoto Mika
08 Advancer by Watanabe Chihiro


 Sakura maichiru yoru ni

  Release date: April 14, 2021




01 Sakura maichiru yoru ni
02 Listen ~ mayonaka no niji
03 Sakura maichiru yoru ni (instrumental)
04 Listen ~ mayonaka no niji (instrumental)


 Princess Connect! ReDive PRICONNE


  Release date: March 25, 2020



01 Mirage Game with M・A・O Ito Miku, Tachibana Rika, Taneda Risa, Toyama Nao & Hayami Saori
02 Yes! Precious Harmony! by M・A・O, Ito Miku & Tachibana Rika
03 Mirage Game (instrumental)
04 Yes! Precious Harmony! (instrumental)


 FURE FURE TRY! ~kimi ni sasageru ouenka~

  Release date: April 17, 2019





01 FURE FURE TRY! ~kimi ni sasageru ouenka~ with Amami Yurina, Ono Saki & Abe Emika
02 FURE FURE TRY! ~kimi ni sasageru ouenka~ (instrumental)



  Release date: July 25, 2018




01 Happy Lucky☆Everyday with M・A・O & Uchida Maaya
02 Happy Lucky☆Everyday (instrumental)
03 Temari Heights no asa wa, wari to hayai



  Release date: March 28, 2018




01 Kanaetamae with Ito Ayasa
02 Kanaetamae (instrumental)


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