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 Rensou Relation Vocal CD

  Release date: May 29, 2015




01 Lucky Monster
02 Itsumademo dokomademo
03 Itsumademo dokomademo (Piano Ver)
04 Lucky Monster (off vocal)
05 Itsumademo dokomademo (off vocal)
06 Itsumademo dokomademo (Piano Ver) (off vocal)


 The fine every day

  Release date: April 22, 2009




01 The fine every day
02 Jounetsu no wobble
03 The fine every day (off vocal)
04 Jounetsu no wobble (off vocal)


 graceful way

  Release date: July 25, 2008




01 graceful way
02 Hana no saku hoshi by Hanazawa Kana

03 Il Cielo by Isayama Mio

04 graceful way (off vocal)
05 Hana no saku hoshi (off vocal)
06 Il Cielo (off vocal)


 Shunkan spline

  Release date: June 27, 2008




01 Shunkan spline
02 Cherry
03 Shunkan spline (off vocal)
04 Cherry (off vocal)


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