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I've Sound (アイブ)


 I've ORIGINAL Compilations -F-ive elements-

  Release date: December 29, 2018





01 Do -the under- by Yuzuno
02 Fuu -the silence- by RINA
03 Moku -the earth- by Sato Asuka
04 Ka -the flare- by IKU
05 Sui -the flow- by IKU
06 Do -the under- (Instrumental ver.)
07 Fuu -the silence- (Instrumental ver.)
08 Moku -the earth- (Instrumental ver.)
09 Ka -the flare- (Instrumental ver.)
10 Sui -the flow- (Instrumental ver.)


 I've GIRL'S COMPILATION vol.9 Evidence nine

  Release date: September 26, 2014





01 WING OF ZERO -the ring- by KOTOKO

02 Reboot oN /↓0 by KOTOKO

03 Ashiato ~a Happiness Marker~ by Kawada Mami

04 Dual Force by Pixy Lab.
05 My Love, Honey. by Maisaki Nami

06 soupir d'ange by KOTOKO

07 Eternal song by Kirishima Airi
08 Timeless time -Album mix- by Kawada Mami

09 Love mission!! ~Nanda. Tada no koi ka w~ by KOTOKO
10 Kibou ~NOZOMI・ashita he no kakehashi~ by Asami Rin
11 Steadily by Kirishima Airi

12 find a piece by Larval Stage Planning

13 Subliminal agenda -Album mix- by Yuzuno

14 Evidence nine by Yuzuno


 You & I

  Release date: July 18, 2012





01 RIDE by Kawada Mami

02 DROWNING by Shimamiya Eiko
03 Kisetsu no shizuku by KOTOKO

04 Days of promise by Kawada Mami

05 Soyokaze no yukue by Utatsuki Kaori
06 Birthday eve by Kawada Mami

07 I will... by Shimamiya Eiko
08 Two face by MELL

09 One small day by Utatsuki Kaori
10 Belvedia by KOTOKO
11 Disintegration by MELL

12 Dream to new world by Utatsuki Kaori


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