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 By your side, By my side

  Release date: June 03, 2020





01 By your side, By my side
03 Shinai ai
04 Mata aeta ne
05 By your side, By my side (off vocal)
06 STAY (off vocal)
07 Shinai ai (off vocal)
08 Mata aeta ne (off vocal)


 Happy Life Spectacle

  Release date: November 14, 2018





01 Happy Life Spectacle
02 Good bye Django
03 My Everything For You
04 Trick or Kiss?
05 Happy Life Spectacle (off vocal)
06 Good bye Django (off vocal)
07 My Everything For You (off vocal)
08 Trick or Kiss? (off vocal)


 Bring Out The Heroes

  Release date: August 29, 2018





01 Bring Out The Heroes
03 Jump the History


 Turn Into Love

  Release date: May 30, 2018





01 Turn Into Love
02 MugaMuchu☆Life
03 cutie,cutie
04 Turn Into Love (off vocal)
05 MugaMuchu☆Life (off vocal)
06 cutie,cutie (off vocal)


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