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 Genesis Of Next

  Release date: December 05, 2001




01 Genesis Of Next

02 Genesis Of Next (Tatsumaki Remix)
03 What's The Justice? (Original Mix)
04 Genesis Of Next (Ver. 0,8)
05 What's The Justice? (instrumental)


 Wanna be a dreammaker

  Release date: September 02, 1998




01 Wanna be a dreammaker (Straight run)

02 Wanna be a dreammaker (Sigmund Freud mix)
03 Wanna be a dreammaker (instrumental)


 Anytime smokin' cigarette

  Release date: April 09, 1997




01 Anytime smokin' cigarette (Straight run)

02 Anytime smokin' cigarette (Black lung mix)
03 Anytime smokin' cigarette (instrumental)


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