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 Long distance

  Release date: January 28, 2009





01 Long distance

02 White Story

03 Long distance(instrumental)

04 White Story (instrumental)


 With you ~Luv merry X'mas~

  Release date: December 03, 2008





01 With you ~Luv merry X'mas~

02 Tada... aitakute

03 With you ~Luv merry X'mas~ (instrumental)

04 Tada... aitakute (instrumental)


 Miss you

  Release date: November 12, 2008





01 Miss you

02 The Color Of Love

03 Miss you (instrumental)

04 The Color Of Love (instrumental)


 Midnight call

  Release date: June 18, 2008





01 Midnight call

02 Call my name

03 Midnight call (instrumental)

04 Call my name (instrumental)


 Kimi no inai michi

  Release date: January 23, 2008





01 Kimi no inai michi

02 Namida ga ochinai you ni (Live version)

03 Aoi tori (Live version)

04 Kimi no inai michi (Live version)


 Blue sky

  Release date: July 25, 2007





01 Blue sky

02 Make it hot

03 I'm thinkin'bout U


 Namida ga ochinai you ni

  Release date: April 25, 2007





01 Namida ga ochinai you ni

02 Lost moments ~oki wasureta jikan~

03 Namida ga ochinai you ni (instrumental)

04 Lost moments ~oki wasureta jikan~ (instrumental)


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