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BIGBANG - Love Club




From the album "BIGBANG" (UPCH-1741, UPCH-9507)

Typed: EvilSin




*We gettin' down - in the club
All my fellas all my girls
Ay! ay! what's up my baby!
Love's all around - in the club
Now you've stepped into my world
Go all the way don't stop it baby!*

My eyes are likin' what they're seein'
And my heart is poundin' out my body who's that beauty queen?
Uh, I see the two of us - being so true, no rush (hey)
Can't no one ever wash this fire fire burnin' up!

Wanna wine 'n dine you girl
Gently kiss you baby girl
(You blow my mind, that's word! - that's everytime, ya heard?)
And it's oh so lovely, see?
Never let go comfort me, yeah...
(For only you, I yearn)

(Ohhh G-D!) We at the dance floor (wait a minute!)
Y'all know my flow (make ya wit it!)
Huh, kick out the sounds and melodies
Getcha boogie down at the l-o-v-e club
When you wanna go way up
You know - we know, no time to flake up
And she's down wit dat shakin' on
Straight rollin' rollin' rollin'
Here we go!


Black, brown, white no need for bein' particular
Just get with this
You can do whatchu want for sure
Move your rump, gotta putcha moves up front, oh yeah
And once you get it you're like fire fire burnin' up!

Really glad I found you girl
You surely better my world
(Your so damn fine, that's word! - one of a kind, ya heard?)
To the end we'll go, you see?
Love is all for you and me, yeah...
(For only you, I yearn)

Lemme tell y'all(T-O-P!)
Let's do dat thang, you my shawty shawty
The perfect time for some ladi-dadi
See it's on it's on till that early morn
Baby you my boo, I gotta say YO!
Always on my mind, love how you do
The way you put it on me oh so - witty and true
You the one, that's it, that's all
Oh yes yes y'all - so serious baby!


Oh whoa - ain't another can do whatchu do
You know I'm totally for you
When there's haters in the way,
They can't stop this love, we got soo much baby

*repeat [x2]