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BIGBANG - Gara Gara Go!!


Lyrics: BIG RON, Shion, Ricchii, YG JAPAN


From the single "Gara Gara Go!!" (UPCH-5615, UPCH-5616, UPCH-9500)

From the album "BIGBANG" (UPCH-1741, UPCH-9507)

Romaji: EvilSin


Oh! Hot na natsu no taiyou
It's about time hajimeyou
Time to party yeah for sure

Oh! minna de asobi ni ikou
ORE-tachi to Come on and let's go
Natsu daze PA-TI TAIMU da yo

Soshite odore! On dancefloor motto Movin' groovin' IKA shita Body

*Say! B.I.G to the 'BANG'
Sawagi na asa made Just dance! GARA GARA GARA GO ORE-tachi no Way
La La La La La

Odori na My sexy lady mori agare Everybody
Don't stop now "JUMP JUMP" Don't stop now 'JUMP JUMP'
BIG BANG rocks the night [x2]*

Mou mune ga HAJI kesou
Oto ni NO-TE ikou
Ikeru toko made ikou

Doo? Soba ni kite Give you some more
Subete wo wasurechaou
Come on and feel the real in my flow...

Soshite koko de futari zutto Bumpin' shakin' odoro yo HANI-

Say! B.I.G to the 'BANG'
Kore kara mada mada Just bang! GARA GARA GARA GO ORE-tachi to Say
Na Na Na Na Na

Te wo agete My sexy baby koe dashite Everybody
Don't stop now 'JUMP JUMP' Don't stop now 'JUMP JUMP'
BIG BANG rocks the night [x2]

My style my steez so fresh so clean
Never fallin just keep k keep jumpin'
See her, get low, on fo, fo, show
She gon make it go pop p pop so let's go yo
We gon let it all out tonight girl
See the name T.O.P up in lights girl
Everybody knows we up and they down
So let me see you shake shake that around

It's on,
Feel the beat pump through the speakers,
Man the myth the hope of the future
G-D it's me in the flesh
Top to bottom so freshly dressed (yeah)
I'm here to get down
Lose control take hold of the sound
Bring it up up up off the ground
BIGBANG no doubt we gon turn It out. Fo sho!

BIG BANG rocks the night [x2]