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Asai Ayaka (朝井彩加)


 Yurashite! O-tsukimi Night

  Release date: September 26, 2020




01 Yurashite! O-tsukimi Night with Nitta Hiyori & Kingyo Wakana
02 Yurashite! O-tsukimi Night (instrumental)



  Release date: January 24, 2019





01 Furisodengurigaeshi with Kino Futaba & Tanaka Aimi
02 Furisodengurigaeshi (instrumental)


 "Hibike! Euphonium" Character Song

 Vol.2 / Katou Hazuki

  Release date: July 08, 2015



01 Hyper tune♪
02 Little-Note
03 Kitauji Shijuusou Dai-2-ban Tuba
04 Hyper tune♪ (instrumental)
05 Little-Note (instrumental)


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