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Arthur Lounsbery (ランズベリー・アーサー)


 High School Star Musical ☆SHOW TIME 11☆

 Haruto Tsukigami & Kaito Tsukigami

  Release date: December 16, 2015



01 Everlasting Moon

02 Moonlight(s):Episode with Koyasu Takehito

03 Everlasting Moon (instrumental)

04 Moonlight(s):Episode (instrumental)


 High School Star Musical ☆SHOW TIME 3☆

 Tengenji Kakeru & Tsukigami Kaito

  Release date: October 21, 2015 



01 Tenka no hana by Hosoya Yoshimasa
02 Limited sky
03 Tenka no hana (instrumental)
04 Limited sky (instrumental)


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