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 Be with you

  Release date: September 30, 2015




01 Be with you

02 Anata no o-kuchi ni Aice⁵ Cream!

03 Party shiyou yo!

04 Be with you (off vocal version)

05 Anata no o-kuchi ni Aice⁵ Cream! (instrumental)

06 Party shiyou yo! (off vocal version)



  Release date: September 05, 2007





02 Yuujou monogatari

03 Yakusoku ~I will stand by you~

04 Re.MEMBER (off vocal version)

05 Ura yuujou monogatari (instrumental)

06 Yakusoku ~I will stand by you~ (off vocal version)



  Release date: April 29, 2007




01 Letter

02 Letter (off vocal version)


 Brand new day

  Release date: April 25, 2007




01 Brand new day

02 Eternity

03 Short Short Cake

04 Brand new day (off vocal version)

05 Eternity (off vocal version)

06 Short Short Cake (off vocal version)


 Love Power

  Release date: October 25, 2006




01 Love Power

02 Smile

03 Love Power (off vocal version)

04 Smile (off vocal version)


 Believe my love

  Release date: May 24, 2006




01 Believe my love

02 Yuujou monogatari

03 Believe my love (Hyper trance mix)

04 Believe my love (off vocal version)

05 Yuujou monogatari (off vocal version)


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