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Hello, everyone!
Due to the websites providing music downloads closing lately, we won't be able to guarantee the romanization of all the listed releases in the Pending list. In case of a dry spell when the new releases become sparse and unavailable we might opt for romanizing the older ones, since quite a lof of them piled up recently.


December 2018


MACO - Kokan Nikki (alb) / evilsin

Endoh Masaaki - Present of the Voice 2 (alb)
Poppin'Party - Kizuna Music
Roselia - Brave Jewel
Survive Said The Prophet - Red
Tokimeki Idol project - Smiling Passion
Yanagi Nagi - Sayo sugara

Chara - Baby Bump (alb)
Ishida Yoko - Ishida Yoko Debut 25 Shunen & "World Witches" 10 Shunen Kinen Ban "Sora no Uta" (alb)
KinKi Kids - Aitai, aitai, aenai.
Taneda Risa - LOVE STOIC
THE ALFEE - Last Run! (alb)
Sasaki Riko - Tsumugu Logic Music Selection

lyrical school - Pajamas Party / Sharp Pencil Feat. SUSHIBOYS

ChouCho, Sayaka Sasaki - GIRLS und PANZER TV & OVA 5.1ch Blu-ray Disc BOX Theme Song CD "Still a long way to go"
DEEP - Wish
MISIA - Life is going on and on (alb)
Yoshimotozaka46 - Nakasetekureyo
Zwei - Avant Story




Funky Kato (discography)
U-KISS - One Shot One Kill (album)
SALU - Goodtime



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