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Hello, everyone!
Due to the websites providing music downloads closing lately, we won't be able to guarantee the romanization of all the listed releases in the Pending list. In case of a dry spell when the new releases become sparse and unavailable we might opt for romanizing the older ones, since quite a lof of them piled up recently.



September 2021

Little Glee Monster - re-union (mini)
Nogizaka46 - Kimi ni shikarareta

aiko - Tabeta ai / Atashi-tachi
AKB48 - Ne Mo Ha Mo Rumor
back number - Ki-iro
Fudanjuku - Ikiru koto wa toutoi ni kimatte'n daro
Hanazawa Kana - Moonlight Magic
Liella! - Tokonatsu✩Sunshine
Peaky P-key - Let us sing "Peaky!!"
RAISE A SUILEN - Domination to world
SCANDAL - one more time



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