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Ueda Reina (上田麗奈)


 Precious You☆

  Release date: December 12, 2018




01 Glass dama by Miyamoto Yume
02 Motto kimi wo shiritai
03 Glass dama (Instrumental)
04 Brave Symphonia (Instrumental)



  Release date: February 07, 2018





01 sleepland
02 Dare mo watashi wo shiranai sekai he
03 fairy tale no ake ni


 Hacka Doll Hacka Song #4

  Release date: February 17, 2016





01 Advance Angelic Doll
02 Only My World by Yoshioka Mayu
03 Advance Angelic Doll (instrumental)
04 Only My World (instrumental)


 Jitsu wa Watashi wa Character Song vol.2

  Release date: August 12, 2015 





01 SILENT NOTE with Minase Inori
02 Chikyuu senpuku sakusen +α by Minase Inori

03 Itsuka no Summer Day
04 SILENT NOTE (instrumental)

05 Chikyuu senpuku sakusen +α (instrumental)
06 Itsuka no Summer Day (instrumental)


 Jitsu wa Watashi wa Character Song vol.1

  Release date: July 22, 2015




01 Tropical Sisters with Serizawa Yuu, Uchida Aya & Minase Inori
02 Starting Heart by Serizawa Yuu & Uchida Aya
03 Zettai himitsu shugi! by Serizawa Yuu
04 Tsukiyo no Persuasion way by Uchida Aya
05 Tropical Sisters (instrumental)
06 Starting Heart (instrumental)
07 Zettai himitsu shugi! (instrumental)
08 Tsukiyo no Persuasion way (instrumental)


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