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U-KISS - Interlude I ~Possession~


Lyrics: SooHyun, AJ, DongHo
Music: U-KISS, Abe Ryudai
From the album "Inside øf Me" (AVCD-38762/B, AVCD-38763/B, AVCD-38764/B, AVCD-38765, AVC1-38769, AQZ1-50921)
Typed: EvilSin



Just as looking for treasure
Grabbing her mind was not easy as I thought
I have to find my own way to find and attract, grab or catch her
Hence, let me take a few steps back to plan

Fan and singer, the connection between these two has no winner
It's the real love
Therefore, it's difficult to move one's idea
Because it's the true love, true love, true love
Sooner or later, this ambiguous relation will meet up
Uh huh, everything he needs is truthful mind and lastly
The true love, true love, true love

Devotion to her life and priceless sacrifice are everything I need
In order to grab her whimsical mind
I will promise our eternal love, so be my love