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U-KISS - Ending~in stereo~


Lyrics: thenoctune
Music: Abe Ryudai
From the album "One Shot One Kill" (AVCD-93404/B, AVCD-93405/B, AVCD-93406/B, AVCD-93407, AVC1-93408)
Romaji: EvilSin



The music got quieter
As the empty bottles dance on the floor
I hear the sirens of the hopeless
Reflections of red lights
On the window pane
The rush of blood was easily devoured
By the bitter taste left in my mouth
So as we head towards the exit
I was pretty sure
That something was going to change

Just as the dawn breaks
Witness another phase
Two shadows on the pavement
Explaining what it all meant
Reminiscing you...
I wish it was a dream I wouldn't wake up to
Now all the curtains are closed
We should go back to sleep
In these warm cover sheets
But this time all alone
I've been waiting for some time
For you to come home

So find what you love
Then let me embrace you again

*If anything can take my heart away
(Yeah) it's you, it's you (for sure)
If anything is worth the fight
(Yeah) it's you (I just wanted to let you know)
It's you (definitely)*

I was the one who started this game
So I'll be the one to set the record straight
But I can't find which words to say
When your phone is off
We don't even speak nowadays
Strange thing ain't it?
When love turns to hate
And there's no way for us to rewind it
Before it's gone I just wanted you know that
"I love you" and this time I mean it


So is this the end?
Or should I call it the beginning?
I guess I will never know
But one thing I do know is that it's gone
And I'm hanging on to this post card from years before
Signed "I love you"