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Purely Monster (ピュアリーモンスター)


 Mada dare mo shiranai asu he

  Release date: May 30, 2018





01 Mada dare mo shiranai ashita he
02 Trip Stream!!
03 Chou junsei Purely Tune
04 Mada dare mo shiranai asu he (instrumental)
05 Trip Stream!! (instrumental)
06 Chou junsei Purely Tune (instrumental)


 Oshiete Darwin

  Release date: August 02, 2017





01 Oshiete Darwin
02 Shunkan Lys Gracieux
03 Over The Future
04 Oshiete Darwin (instrumental)
05 Shunkan Lys Gracieux (instrumental)
06 Over The Future (instrumental)


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