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Oonishi Aguri (大西亜玖璃)


 Elder flower

  Release date: August 04, 2021





01 Elder flower
02 Hatsukoi Colors
03 Elder flower (Off Vocal)
04 Hatsukoi Colors (Off Vocal)


 Honjitsu wa seiten nari

  Release date: March 03, 2021 





01 Honjitsu wa seiten nari
02 Ready to fly
03 Honjitsu wa seiten nari (Off Vocal)
04 Ready to fly (Off Vocal)


 Awakening Promise / Yume ga koko

 kara hajimaru yo

  Release date: January 12, 2021 



01 Awakening Promise
02 Yume ga koko kara hajimaru yo by Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
03 Awakening Promise (Off Vocal)
04 Yume ga koko kara hajimaru yo (Off Vocal)


 Dream with You / Poppin' Up! / DIVE!

  Release date: November 18, 2020




01 Dream with You
02 Poppin' Up! by Sagara Mayu
03 DIVE! by Kusunoki Tomori
04 Dream with You (Off Vocal)
05 Poppin' Up! (Off Vocal)
06 DIVE! (Off Vocal)


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