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≒JOY (ニアリーイコールジョイ)


 Hanikami Short [Special]

  Release date: November 23, 2022





01 Hanikami Short by ≠ME
02 Momo-iro Daybreak by ≠ME
03 Peonies by ≠ME
04 Chou kodoku Lion
05 Ultra Rare Kiss by ≠ME


 Be Selfish [Special Edition]

  Release date: September 28, 2022




01 Be Selfish by =LOVE
02 Mayonaka Mermaid by =LOVE
03 Suki tte, ienakatta by =LOVE
04 Watashi, mahou tsukai by =LOVE
05 Be Selfish (instrumental)
06 Mayonaka Mermaid (instrumental)
07 Suki tte, ienakatta (instrumental)
08 Watashi, mahou tsukai (instrumental)
09 Waratte Fragile
10 Waratte Fragile (instrumental)


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