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m-flo - theme from flo jack


Lyrics: Taku Takahashi
From the single "Mirrorball Satellite 2012" (RZCD-45004)
Romaji: EvilSin




*No, you know tomorrow won't come so soon
I gotta get through to you
No, you know tomorrow won't come so soon
I gotta make that move
No, you know tomorrow won't come so soon
It's somethin' that I've gotta do
No, you know tomorrow won't come so soon
I gotta get through to you*

Featuring the staunch lyricist
The verbiage with turbulance supernatural
The vertebrate sure to lift roof tops
The journalist correctin' y'all with rhetorics like litmus
Test y'all no need to withdraw we gold medalists
Make the people go apes as I locate
Choice vocabulary to rotate bodies my head aches
For mistaken ones receiving blatant puns live and direct
From Verbal's high maintenance poetry...
MC's best lo and be-hold
I know you peepin this like key-holes when I freak flows
Wack shows get vetoed propellin' 'em to outter limits
Thoughts developin' light 'em up like filaments
At late night like Letterman
David I make statements aiming directly
With the gift that God sent me no doubt it's strictly
The truth engulf avalanche with impulse
Bigger than what tenfold we the vigilantes
With bent bows you know?


Late midnight run sometimes I feel so blue
I pass one hundred like I never knew
I close my eyes pretended that you are here, oh yeah
And let these simple words flow till you disappear, oh yeah

I establish an order in this sector
Guardian angel reflect the light lyrically
I own the mic you slept the demo tape that
You ejected haunt you return you want to
Hand with the one you dissed before and slander
Presently and conjure up some hallucination
Identify the stations where my vocal's heard count
The total verbs you be flipping at the load of words
My destiny's set pre-naturally forget Maybelline
I got no maybe's running more slow than your
Nose without antihistamine
I'm in the future MC's who misdemean
Is left to be history so who'd ya
Think you spittin' at I represent a different map
Hip Hop diplomat iceberg
You seeing the tip of that see right through ya
Like the original flo-jack God-glorifying
Poor spiritual aristocrat remain anonymous
My lyrics outfit astronomers air-tight apparels
Third commandment for idolaters


I've been wondering what's gotten into me
Those sweet words are hard to believe
Stop playing games and let me let you know
It ain't just what you show but why you show this
'Verbal flow like there's no tomorrow'

Yo let me constellate and track with verbiage
I extract expect no less but maximum
The cat's be done with this illness I contact
I commit the act of subtraction
On wack ones even snatch crumbs
On financially bad months yo you'd be messing
With the rare specimen
Whose vision is endangered just
Cause you ancient and tangent off the track
While I be ever-changing you wonder
Where all these thoughts come from Verbal
The mind-toucha enveloping you like Won ton
As I'm rhyming like it was vomit profusely
Pardon the language now excuse me
As I enter the my archives and choose the methods by
Which to carry out whether
By land or aerial cause this kid cannot be
Stereo-typed got more brothers than
Mario ripe for harvest new-jack
But not a novice call this the hip-hop fan
Blowing away emcees like sawdust
I promise I ain't your average artist
My thought is looking to God for direction
And not to goddesses

Come closer look and see
Is this reality?
Believe and truth will set you free, yeah
Unchained this soul of mine
To cross this great divide
Through endless ages and through time
Coz you know