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m-flo loves Sister E - The Other Side of Love


Lyrics: m-flo, Sakamoro Ryuichi
Music: m-flo, Sakamoro Ryuichi
From the album "BEAT SPACE NINE" (RZCD-45227)
Romaji: EvilSin




*In my heart, I know I must be right
Darkest shadows will someday come to light
I've been down, but I can rise above
I keep searching for the other side of love*

Looking for fun was just a game to me
Never knew what each lonely day would bring
Now I'm so tired of trying to run away
I've got to find a love that's here to stay

**In my heart, I know the day will come
We'll be laughing and dancing in the sun
What I've found has never been enough
I keep searching for the other side of love**

I always heard that love's supposed to be
More than a word and more than just a dream
Someone to share your every joy and pain
Someone who's there for sunshine and the rain

She wanna take it to other side of
Love and I cannot deny this girl
She got somethin in her eyes
You know that all I see is something hot!
It's like she play with fire
And if I tell you I don't care, then I'd be lyin'
Love it or leave it... The way she is it's like she gotta just
Have it or squeeze it... Looking for love in all the wrong places
Help is needed... Nobody taught her how to fly
Another sad story in another sad city, see why

I know what I see
I see exactly how it'll be
He'll be strong enough to be kind
He won't need to be tough to know he's mine

And I must believe what I feel
I'll feel it deep inside when it's real
And I know when day is done
He'll be so close to me that we'll be one
On the other side of love...
On the other side of love...

Girl, the first time we met was through some mutual friends and
I never thought of nothin' cuz you treated me like the rest of them
But you stepped to me, askin' for my phone mail
Takin' bout you wanna send me pictures from the party
That's the start of the long tale supposed to be short-lived
Wanderin' if I should ever even have wrote this
Cuz you have celebrity status life and
I'm together with a girl soon to be my wifey
With every call and every talk, your feeling's got more strong,
I guess... I could tell from the look
She wanna take it to the other side (the other side)
Knowin' that it's gotta be a hell of a ride
She wanna take it to the other side (the other side)
Knowin' that it's gotta be a hell of a ride