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m-flo + Ruby Prophet - Spark


Lyrics: m-flo, J-Hype for ONEPEACE INC. with OPM
Music: m-flo, J-Hype for ONEPEACE INC. with OPM
From the album "FUTURE IS WOW" (RZCD-59572/B, RZCD-59573/B, RZCD-59574)
Typed: EvilSin




I just woke up and realized that I was from the future
My eyes opened as soon as I heard that loud music
I was fallin' from the skies with a million angelic beings
Clouds color vermillion spinning like the pschedelic
Scenes from the classic intro, from Ultra Q
Yeah thats the cue for me to drown into my artistry
Fall into a trance and express myself honestly
See the cult of my personality
Launch a couple rockets
With the 5th dimension doctrine
To the mundane, where my earthly figure is concocted
I'd rather live meek and be a prophet
Than be a million dollar face with a dollar in my pocket
Got no rhyme or reason no science or vision
I just felt it, I just know the Future is now
...took a million years, and broken relationships
But now I feel it, I just know my FUTURE IS WOW

*You can set the spark in me
Make me feel brand new
I can reach my destiny
When I'm with you
I can see forever
We will be together

Lost in outer space
Can't even hear the words they say
Your eyes meet mine
Love can't wait til tomorrow
All we got is now
All we got is now


I was seeing visions
Visions of grandeur
Lucifer promising me everything and even more
I need to score, make ends meet, get off-shore
Accounts for rainy days, do things that get me paid
Do gigs that pay me great
Acclaim and more fame
Wait... can all that success make me vain?..