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m-flo - RUN


Lyrics: m-flo, Minami (CREAM)
Music: m-flo, Minami (CREAM)
From the album "SQUARE ONE" (RZCD-59030/B, RZCD-59031)
Typed: EvilSin




We're over here now, we're over there now
We're over here and there and everywhere and uh uh uh uh uh
They wanna touch me, touch me like I'm Monolith right
My eyes wide blood n adrenaline feeling redder than ever been
I'm about to do it, about to REE-DO IT, even better, faster, stronger
Flash a lightening, yo this my awakening!!!

*See the gravity lift me Oh-oh-oh
I was walking on water Oh-oh-oh
Could You feel my energy, oh baby
I gave you all I had

**I wanna run and run and run
Before the walls come closing in
I wanna run and run and run
I said 5 4 3 2 1
I wanna run**

Feel like a million billion yes I ran trillion miles
Now I'm running
This and already in city in city out traveling
Speeds way beyond
My troop is bout to roar
Angree & Yung
& Robotic so bout it bout it
Everywhere we make em say (UGH!!!)
You put my switch on... I'm about to transform
The armors clink and clank I'm VERBATRON
Standing 100 meters tall...
Laser lights is going crazy, amazing, facing
Races, tasting chasers, going places
Never seen before

***Hear the skies rumbling louder Oh-oh-oh
Smell my fear in the air Oh-oh-oh
You stepped on everything I believed in
Got nothing left to give***


I'm over here now, I'm over there now
I'm over here and there and everywhere and uh uh uh uh uh [x4]

I wanna run

I'm about to Ree-Program
The system, yes my vision 20/20
Y'all can't tell me nothing, can't tell me nothing
Got that Reebok with the straps
Fury's that be pumpin' make 'em jump around
Make it bumpin' thumpin' to the sound