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m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK - Picture Perfect Love


Lyrics: m-flo, MONKEY MAJIK
Music: m-flo
From the album "COSMICOLOR" (RZCD-45557, RZCD-45558)
Romaji: EvilSin




*All that time that you were standing by my side
She's that picture-perfect kind
I can't believe I was so blind
Do you remember that time? You know I stepped across that line
I made you cry and that's my crime
I wish that I could just rewind*

It's the evening and you've been complaining
About our situation and all my deceiving
I know... that everything's going SLOW
And if you wanna feel better I can tell ya that it's gonna be great
Yeah it's gonna be good
OH-OH-OH but I would be lying to you

**But these days I'm changing
Meeting new faces
How am I supposed to be?
And my feelings for you seem to be changing
Looking back... don't look back on me**


Because your love is on my mind and I can't let go, BABE
When I HIDE she finds me still
I never should have let her into my LIFE... but she came saw and
Conquered it. EVERY part of me LEFT
When you settled out that's REALITY just settled IN
Of course I tried to BATTLE IT, TACKLE IT when PROBLEMS got out of HAND
ESTABLISHING the BEST from the situation THAT I'M IN
...Couldn't BELIEVE that it could END
If LOVING YOU IS WRONG I don't want to be RIGHT... is that a SIN?
Your name is tattooed on my heart IT'S PERMANENT
Your voice keeps loopin' my mind... I SAMPLED IT
The TRACK I'M IN SHACKLES ME can't get out if I can PICK
All the TRICKS to make it RIGHT once AGAIN
You know that's like trying to make SODOM and GOMORRHA IMMACULATE
TO make us 2 come together's MIRACULOUS


Yeah, dawg, you said it and I really think
You meant it, I've been through it
All before and I'm about to get in it again
Whats happenin' making new friends
Hoping it don't come to an end and in the meantime
I will show you what I mean
Let's think of it another way
Everything we do and say
Defines who we are as we live out each day
What we did was wrong at the time
But it helps us go back and rewind
It's a mistake, but it ain't no crime
kasanariau no sa
tsumari sore ga ai

I said good bye
I didn't know
That it would all turn out this way
But now I know
I realize
And I can learn from my mistakes