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m-flo - Perfect Place


Lyrics: m-flo, Minami (CREAM)
Music: m-flo, Minami (CREAM)
From the album "SQUARE ONE" (RZCD-59030/B, RZCD-59031)
Typed: EvilSin




*I feel like I'm flying in the sky
We found love in this perfect place
Baby never ever had a single doubt
We found love in this perfect
Love in this perfect place*

I wanna take you to a place you never been to before
So won't you stop what you're doing come and take a detour
You know the drill ladies come around to sip what we pour
Yeh we be trill how we dressing, sense of timing is perfection
Your obsession is my weapon, y'all just wonder how we do it, DO IT
Ladies cramped up in my section yes I like this Feng Shui
Yes I like the fluid flowing till the glasses over flowing
Decked up in my Louis shoes, metal tips will ruin y'all

**We shut it, shut it
To the ground-down-down-down-to the ground [x3]
To the ground, To the ground,
To the ground down-down-down**

**repeat [x2]