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m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei - LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME


Lyrics: m-flo, Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei
Music: m-flo
From the album "COSMICOLOR" (RZCD-45557, RZCD-45558)
Romaji: EvilSin




Uuh, I ain't sayin' that I'm the best
But uuh, it's kinda obviously from the way you're hating on me
Don't hame me, hate the game

No prob I can freak it too, gimme a week or two
Blow the spot wit a verse like Pikachu (pika pika)
I'm a star and in shows in my sneaker too
That explain the shades and all that peek-a-boo
Papparazzi flashin' the whole city
Respect mines I roll wit Tokyo's Diddy
We don't stop man
The whole economy rise when we go shoppin'
Ice, cars, whips, chains
Drive slow homie we can switch the lanes
Got fans in Japan, I switched to planes
Long way from the subway trains, I ain't changed
Now, I'm poppin bottles
Cosmo cocktails, topless models
V.I.P. cats, club gustapos
Flow hot as charcoals, we got those you know?!

*I've been around the world
And all I want is LOVE and I want it all
Just name it and I've done it, I've seen 'em all
Don't hate me cuz I got what you want
Just blame that GAME*

Hold up now let me spark it off real properly
You must be jocking me cause in 4 bars I can simply spit U the odyssey
Digits riches bitches I gotta be

On top of the game like a fitted
Everyone wanna know how we done did it
From the shows at home, on the road, then sold out shows
Thaitay, m-flo, homie what U know

Come and check me what can U see
Punchline with a Thai style
As the clock turns I hold my spot
85th Jamaica I hold my block

One for the ducats, 2 for the dough
Toung CEO tryna see more o's
Need that lambo murcielago
That's why we make hits from Bangkok to Tokyo


Hey yo, coming with a brand new flow
EDC's on the track u should act like u know
C L O T's selling all the way overseas
Ladies on the carpet puttin burns on they knees
Bitch please, got a company named lick deez
Faded at the awards show tipsy throwing up my c
Stacking up them G's ain't a reason to hate on me
Paparazzi be Everyday watching me
Shorty callin' me tellin' me she wanna leave
Here's my hotel keys Room 112 at 3
Now there's a real reason to hate on me
I'm aging like a fine wine
Money, pussy, and hollywood is on my mind
Excuse me dogg but at best u next in line
Eat now but the coming ten years is mines
Throw up ya C's

Ooh, baby, baby, come on
Let't get down get into it
Ooh, baby, baby, come on
Get sexy, sexy now
Get down... get down...
Take off your clothes I want you to
Get down... get down...
Get down... get down... get down...

They say I'm SOFT, turned POP, I don't care if you TALK
GOT more ROCKS on my finger TOP
See that RING, I'mma get me another one
And another, till ma arms FALL OFF
Can't stop till my whole family tree's WELL OFF
TELL ALL! Even lable me a SELL-OUT
Casue I'm going to milk every YEN then bail out
TOKYO, raised and born here
A crack of my smile so shiny the FOG CLEARS
18 CARATS and cuts be so CLEAR
That I could see visions of fortunes in thin AIR
HUH? You don't like my STYyyyyyyyyLE????
Stepping up my GAME is what I'm talking ABOooooUT
I move to the SOUND of this ELECTRIC TOWN
And I keep on DRILLIN' till I'm WORLD RENOWN

*repeat [x2]