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m-flo + Yoohei Kawakami - FLY


Lyrics: m-flo, Yoohei Kawakami
Music: m-flo, Yoohei Kawakami
From the album "FUTURE IS WOW" (RZCD-59572/B, RZCD-59573/B, RZCD-59574)
Typed: EvilSin




Walking down the street of mud
You don't know where you're heading
You don't know where you're at
You lost your faces underneath the cloud
You put on the mask

Scraping down vanilla sky
Seeking for a treasure underneath the sunshine
But no one sees your face and recognize your voice
And even your disguise

You tried to adapt with the other in-crowd
And you hide all your wings that will take you there

You know this is not who you are
In your mind no one squeeze and squeeze

*Spread your wings and fly
You're free to go up there
So spread your wings and fly
You're free to show it off
So spread your wings and fly*

Spread your wings and fly...

You know what's killin' me?
All the real talk... ends up in soliloquy
Shit... You ain't hearing me
No... You ain't hearing me
But when we partying and bullshit
Yeah... they all feelin' me
When I got bubs... they feelin' me
When we got girls... they my best friends
Till when? BFF...
Next year? Til today
Everything grey, fades away
All my gold chains... and the brand names
New game become old game
New fame... 15 minutes of being
Charlemagne turn cellophane
Become see through... Hella lame
They say "Be you"
But then again then don't wanna be with you
They say "Be true"
But when you open up they mistreat you
Promises never kept
Yellow brick roads that never end
Got one life, gotta take a step


Spread your wings and fly...