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Lyrical Lily


 Cosmic CoaSTAR

  Release date: June 24, 2020





01 Cosmic CoaSTAR by Happy Around!
02 Gonna be right by Peaky P-key
03 "What" are you? by Photon Maiden
04 round and round by Merm4id
05 Horizontal Oath by Rondo
06 Yogorecchimatta kanashimi no iro
07 Cosmic CoaSTAR (instrumental)
08 Gonna be right (instrumental)
09 "What" are you? (instrumental)
10 round and round (instrumental)
11 Horizontal Oath (instrumental)
12 Yogorecchimatta kanashimi no iro (instrumental)


Lyrical Lily = Tanda Hazuki, Shindo Amane, Fukagawa Ruka, Watase Yuzuki