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Kusunoki Tomori (楠木ともり)


 Passionate Journey / Ririn Ohtemachi

  Release date: December 25, 2018





01 Passionate Journey
02 Negai KIRA KIRA kirari
03 Passionate Journey (instrumental)
04 Negai KIRA KIRA kirari (instrumental)




  Release date: November 07, 2018



01 Houkago Cheerful☆Girl by Ozaki Yuka
02 yell for... by Yamada Yuina
03 Yumemiru Skirt by Izawa Mikako
04 Dada more♥Secret Heart
05 LOVE for senpai! by Shiraishi Haruka
06 Houkago Cheerful☆Girl (instrumental)
07 yell for... (instrumental)
08 Yumemiru Skirt (instrumental)
09 Dada more♥Secret Heart (instrumental)
10 LOVE for senpai! (instrumental)


 To see the future

  Release date: May 09, 2018





01 To see the future
02 To see the future (instrumental)
03 To see the future (TV size)


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