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Koda Kumi - Trust Your Love (English Ver.)


Lyrics: Koda Kumi
Music: Kikuchi Kazuhito
From the album "affection" (RZCD-45050)
Typed: EvilSin






Need your love, need your love
Can't live my life without you
Ease my pain, ease my pain
You know my all, it's all about you
Dreamin' about you night and day
I rest here, always ready for you

Don't you feel the heat you felt when we
First time made love feeling free
Exploring gently every part of me
Trembling, you slowly release
Now I touch myself
Trusting your thoughts and memory

*Need your love alive, it's true, my babe
Don't dare walk away
Let me meet you like that
Trust your love alive, I swear, my babe
Don't dare, don't you care where I like it like that
Let me shower you with my whole love
It's true, the reason I take you through
And I swear to you my whole sincerity
You know you need my love
Please, let me share my love with you
Cause I have enough for you
Oh, learn to trust your love!*

Trust your love, trust your love
Was I just being a fool?
Once again, once again
Take my body, don't let me go cool
All I want is to be with you
I rest here, let me do what I'm told

All the little things you left behind
Feel you are seeing similarity
Cross my heart, I'll never leave you alone
As long as you answer to me
Now I'm going to need you
To fill me with your deepest dreams


Wandering in dark, lookin' for your love [x4]