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Koda Kumi - TAKE BACK (English ver.)


Lyrics: Koda Kumi
Music: Kikuchi Kazuhito
From the album "affection" (RZCD-45050)
Typed: EvilSin






Need your love...

In my sleep, in my dreams, in fantasy
There is true honesty
In your arms, in your eyes, in ecstasy
The true reality

Ah, it was only a game I played around
In the end we couldn't stay
In tears, I confess please, baby, please
Easy my pain!

*Wish you were here holding me close day and night
Feeling your caress, your tender lips pressed against mine
Losing my mind wanting you here - hold me tight
Craving your touch, your mouth, your lovin'*

**Give me your love - Give me your trust - I give all I got all to you
Give me your love - Give me your trust - I give the extra lovin' all to you [x2]**

Close my eyes, trust your eyes and follow me
Pure sensuality
Lead me on, turn me on, take all of me
Pure sexuality

I remember the first time we met
All through the night we made love in bed
From fears, I must ask please, baby, please
Lead the way!


Need your love...

You got me praying
Just take me away
To a place I've never been
Feeling your heart right inside of me
'Cause you can't let go


Take back [x4]
(Take back)