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Koda Kumi - Outta my control feat. ØZI


Lyrics: Koda Kumi, ØZI
Music: Bhavik Pattani, Charlie Storwick
From the album "heart" (RZCD-77518/B, RZCD-77519/B, RZZ1-77520/B~D, RZZ1-77521/B~C)
Romaji: EvilSin



*Get down, get up
tojiru My plan
taisetsu On my mind
Okay, okay
nan toka mama
todoki sou Tonight
todoki sou Tonight*

She tryna kiss someone tonight
Sippin' liquor and chasin' with lime
Got dat silky dress on, tell the world she baddest tonight
I just spent some of that bread, caught myself tryna impress you
Know I'm doin' it right, she givin' the looks, send 'em signs, yeah

madowaseru koe de
kokoro Dead or alive
saretakunai Brand new day
naru ka jibun shidai

C'mon, let me see


**Ye yo, ye yo, ye yo
Ye yo, ye yo, ye yo
Ye yo, ye yo, ye yo
subete jibun shidai
Outta my control**

All that 42 got her bustin' down by the speakers
She know how to move, got me staring at her figure
Head spinnin
Play pretend
This that temporary love
Spendin' yens
Sake, sake, pour it up
It's 3AM, but I'm still wide awake, it's gettin' late but I want her to stay
She on a different game, she knows how to play
Now what do I do to make her remember my name, ok, damn

yugandeku kokoro
mirai Dead or alive
erabu koto yamereba
nani mo SUTA-TO shinai

(C'mon, let me see)