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Koda Kumi - CRANK THA BASS feat. OVDS


Lyrics: Koda Kumi, KALIS (OVDS)
Music: Tommy Henriksen, Chioma Eze
From the album "Bon Voyage" (RZCD-59528/B, RZCD-59529/B, RZCD-59530, RZC1-59531/B)

Romaji: EvilSin




Crank tha bass

I feel that boom, boom
nanika okisou na Room, room
hajiketonjau Boom, boom
hito sashiyubi de Click, zoom, zoom, zoom

Booty shake n', pop n', drop n'
Move it! Like a OVDS
Real baby xxxx... (Oh my god!)
soko maru de Paradise

Gonna turn you out, turn you out
hajimete no Gonna make you shout
yonde yo My name K.U.M.I
Oh, you know what talking' about

Don't touch me, baby aseranaide You know me?
hajimari wa tsumari atashi ga kimeru kono GAME

*Crank tha bass, and crank tha bass, and crank tha bass
And do it, do it, do it! [x2]
Boom, boom...*

Every single time when I rhyme, they don't wanna mess with me
Testing me, guessing me, never get the best of me
Cuz all I do is killing it, rockin' and popping
That's my G.R.I.N.D

How ya like me
Now turn 'n, turn 'n it out
Let it go pow, pow, pow...
Ha, ha
How ya like me
Now turn 'n, turn 'n it out
kamashite Booty go pow

It's about time to... run your system
My clique so dope like ledgend
But we keep it futurism
You can never stop it when I'm shining with tha best


Crank tha bass, bass, bass...

Put your hands up, put ya, put ya hands up, baby [x2]
asa made Let's dance, we can do it all night
Turn it up, turn it out, turn it, turn it, turn it out, out

Shaka boom, shaka boom, boom... [x2]


Boom, boom...

Crank tha bass