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JUJU - Give Him The Ooh-la-la


Lyrics: Cole Porter
Music: Cole Porter
From the album "DELICIOUS ~JUJU's JAZZ 2nd Dish~" (AICL-2545)






Say your fond of fancy thing
Diamond clips and emerald rings
And you want your man to come through
Give him the ooh la la

When your car is asked to stop
By a handsome traffic cop
Unless you want a ticket or two
Give him the ooh la la

If Napoleon at Waterloo-lala
Had an army of debutantes
To give the British the well known ooh la la
He would have changed the history of France

When your favorite Romeo
Grabs his hat and starts to go
Don't reveal the fact that you're blue
Don't break down and start to boo hoo
There's just one thing for you la la to la la do la la
Like Tallulah just give him the ooh la la

The ooh la la
The ooh la la
You'd better be like Tallulah
Don't be a fool-ah
Give him the ooh la la