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IU - The Age Of The Cathedrals


Lyrics: Riccardo Cocciante
Music: Luc Plamondon, Will Jennings
From the mini-album "Can You Hear Me?" (TOCT-29128)
Typed: EvilSin




This is a tale that takes its place
In Paris fair, this year of grace
Fourteen hundred eighty two
A tale of lust and love so true
We are the artists of the time
We dream in sculpture dream in rhyme
For you we bring our world alive
So something will survive

*From nowhere came the age of the cathedrals
The old world began
A new unknown thousand years
For man just has to climb up where the stars are
And live beyond life
Live in glass and live in stone*

Stone after stone, day after day
From year to year man had his way
Men had built with faith and love
These cathedrals rose above
We troubadours and poets sing
That love is all and everything
We promise you, all human kind
Tomorrow will be fine

*repeat [x2]

But it is doomed the age of the cathedrals
Barbarians wait
At the gates of Paris fair
Oh let them in, these pagans and these vandals
A wise man once said
In two thousand this world ends
In two thousand this world ends