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Hatano Wataru (羽多野渉)


 Scat Babys Show!!

  Release date: August 22, 2018





01 Scat Babys Show!! with Sato Takuya
02 Scat Babys Show!! (instrumental)


 Heart Signal

  Release date: July 12, 2017





01 Heart Signal
02 Braver.
03 Heart Signal (instrumental)
04 Braver. (instrumental)


 Caravan wa Philia wo kanaderu

  Release date: December 21, 2016





01 Ruten rurou
02 Little Resistance
03 Never be too late
04 Asu no kagaribi
05 You Only Live Once -everlasting-


 You Only Live Once

  Release date: November 23, 2016 





01 You Only Live Once
02 Sing and Dance!
03 You Only Live Once (instrumental)
04 Sing and Dance! (instrumental)


 Naked Moon Light

  Release date: October 26, 2016





01 Naked Moon Light with Kakihara Tetsuya & Namikawa Daisuke
02 Naked Moon Light (Hyuga Itsuki ver.)
03 Namikawa Daisuke especially message
04 Naked Moon Light (Kabei Yuzu ver.)
05 Kakihara Tetsuya especially message
06 Naked Moon Light (Sakuma Shu ver.)
07 Hatano Wataru especially message
08 Naked Moon Light - off vocal -
09 Tsuda Kenjirou especially message



  Release date: September 28, 2016





01 DIAMOND STAR with Hasegawa Yoshiaki
02 SWEET PRINCESS by Hasegawa Yoshiaki & Okuno Kaya
03 DIAMOND STAR (instrumental)
04 SWEET PRINCESS (instrumental)


 Dance with Devils UNIT SINGLE2 LINDO vs JEK

  Release date: September 21, 2016





01 Unit Drama Lindo Tachibana vs Jek "Koyoi Kono Machi no Katasumi de"
02 Monologue Lindo Tachibana "My blood...Lindo side"
03 Monologue Jek "My blood...Jek side"
04 Unit Song Lindo Tachibana vs Jek "My Little Ruby Bird" with Suzuki Yuto
05 "My Little Ruby Bird" (instrumental)


 Unmei no Coda

  Release date: March 09, 2016 





01 Unmei no Coda

02 Rolling life

03 Wasure mono

04 Unmei no Coda (instrumental)
05 Rolling life (instrumental)
06 Wasure mono (instrumental)


 Kakusei no Air

  Release date: October 14, 2015 





01 Kakusei no Air

02 Synchronic

03 The Late Show

04 Kakusei no Air (instrumental)
05 Synchronic (instrumental)
06 The Late Show (instrumental)


 STORM LOVER Kai!! "selfish toxic"

  Release date: June 13, 2012





01 selfish toxic (full ver.) with Terashima Takuma
02 nameless (full ver.) with Terashima Takuma
03 selfish toxic (Ver."Y")
04 selfish toxic (Ver."K")
05 selfish toxic (Inst Ver.)
06 nameless (Inst Ver.)
07 selfish toxic (Game Opening Ver.) with Terashima Takuma


 Hajimari no hi ni

  Release date: December 21, 2011 





01 Hajimari no hi ni

02 My Hero, My No.1

03 Anata he

04 Hajimari no hi ni (instrumental)
05 My Hero, My No.1 (instrumental)
06 Anata he (instrumental)


 STORM LOVER Natsukoi!!

 "Natsukoi Jet-Coaster"

  Release date: August 04, 2011 



01 Natsukoi Jet-Coaster (full ver.) with Terashima Takuma
02 Koisemi (Full Ver.) with Terashima Takuma
03 Natsukoi Jet-Coaster (Ver."Y")
04 Natsukoi Jet-Coaster (Ver."K")
05 Natsukoi Jet-Coaster (Inst Ver.)
06 Koisemi (Inst Ver.)
07 Natsukoi Jet-Coaster (Game Opening Ver.) with Terashima Takuma




  Release date: May 11, 2011 



01 Shakunetsu no Carnival
02 Be a Fighter by Terashima Takuma
03 Shakunetsu no Carnival (Inst.Ver)
04 Be a Fighter (Inst.Ver)
05 Short Message From Yuto
06 Short Message From Kyosuke
07 Comment


 STORM LOVER "Daydream Labyrinth"

  Release date: September 08, 2010 





01 Daydream Labyrinth (Full Ver.) with Terashima Takuma
02 RE:MEMBER (Full Ver.) with Terashima Takuma
03 Daydream Labyrinth (Ver. "Y")
04 Daydream Labyrinth (Ver. "K")
05 Daydream Labyrinth (Inst Ver.)
06 RE:MEMBER (Inst Ver.)
07 Daydream Labyrinth (Game Opening Ver.) with Terashima Takuma


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