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 Let's sing!!

  Release date: August 29, 2018





01 Let's sing!!
02 Hope in the Song by Numakura Manami
03 Falling Down by Seto Asami
04 Koi kyuu by Fuchigami Mai
05 Let's sing!! (off vocal ver.)
06 Hope in the Song (off vocal ver.)
07 Falling Down (off vocal ver.)
08 Koi kyuu (off vocal ver.)


 terzetto rhapsody

  Release date: July 18, 2018





01 terzetto rhapsody
02 terzetto rhapsody (Taishi ReMix)
03 terzetto rhapsody (instrumental)
04 terzetto rhapsody (Taishi ReMix)(instrumental)


H☆E☆S = Numakura Manami, Seto Asami, Fuchigami Mai

see also Ongaku Shoujo