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Fukuhara Miho - I BELIEVE


Lyrics: "AB" Belinfanti, Kenneth Kobori
Music: Fukuhara Miho, 2SOUL
From the single "Love ~winter song~" (SRCL-6905, SRCL-6907)
Typed: EvilSin




I'm Calling everyone, and I'm making a confession
Got a new man in my life, so amazing I could cry and,
I bet you didn't know, that he has the best profession
Flying through the snow all night,
giving toys at Christmas time, and

He knows when I'm good, when I'm bad, my emotions and
He knows what to do when I'm in need of special loving
He sees all my dreams, all my thoughts and everything
That's the reason he's the only one in my heart.

*I believe I believe I believe in Santa Clause and
When I close my eyes, he will be with me tonight and
I believe I believe I believe it's true,
Santa Clause is coming over,
so there'll be no more Christmas for you*

I called to let you know, that I found somebody better
The only man I'm dreaming of,
the only one who knows Christmas love, So,
That's why I sing this song, couldn't write it in a letter
Cuz I Never ever felt this way, and even though he's far away.

I know when he's good, when he's bad, his emotions and
I know what to do when he's in need of good good loving
I see all his dreams, all his thoughts and everything
That is why I'll always keep him close to my heart


I've never known love like this before.
I found what I need and so much more
A fantasy world of Christmas,
With the magic and the wonder of the snow..............
Ho Ho Hooooooooooooooooooo

*repeat [x2]