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Fukuhara Miho - Better Than Love


Lyrics: Jimmy Harry, JC Chasez
Music: Jimmy Harry, JC Chasez
From the album "The Soul Extreme EP 2" (SRCL-7751, SRCL-7753)
Typed: EvilSin




I woke up in this moment
Everything undone
I wasn't waiting for anything
But still here you come

*You're better than love
You're all that need
And when I close my eyes you're all that see
You're under my skin
You run through my blood
You know you're better than love*

I didn't know how to find you
I was always on the run
I thought somehow it would keep me safe
But look what I've become


**You're better than me
That's what's I've learned
From the places and the pages that I've turned
I'm trying to say
But words aren't enough
I know you're better than love**

And if I had something
I'd wanna tell you here tonight
If this was my last moment
I would spend my life with you