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Fuchigami Mai (渕上舞)



  Release date: October 24, 2018





01 Liberation
02 Good morning! Hello? Good bye.
03 Liberation (Off Vocal)
04 Good morning! Hello? Good bye. (Off Vocal)


 Let's sing!!

  Release date: August 29, 2018





01 Let's sing!! by H☆E☆S
02 Hope in the Song by Numakura Manami
03 Falling Down by Seto Asami
04 Koi kyuu
05 Let's sing!! (off vocal ver.)
06 Hope in the Song (off vocal ver.)
07 Falling Down (off vocal ver.)
08 Koi kyuu (off vocal ver.)


 Rainbow Planet

  Release date: August 08, 2018





01 Rainbow Planet
02 Heya no mado kara miru hanabi
03 Rainbow Planet (Off Vocal)
04 Heya no mado kara miru hanabi (Off Vocal)


 Binetsu Romanesque

  Release date: January 11, 2017





01 Binetsu Romanesque by Nitta Emi
02 BURNING⇔LOVE with Suzaki Aya
03 ☆PARTY☆LOVE☆ with Nitta Emi & Suzaki Aya
04 Binetsu Romanesque (instrumental)
05 BURNING⇔LOVE (instrumental)
06 ☆PARTY☆LOVE☆ (instrumental)



  Release date: August 03, 2016





01 ☆STARRY☆ by Nitta Emi
03 Watashi ryuu ×HAPPY×STYLE  by Suzaki Aya
04 ☆STARRY☆ (instrumental)
05 RE//BORN (instrumental)
03 Watashi ryuu ×HAPPY×STYLE (instrumental)


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