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Fuchigami Mai (渕上舞)


 Binetsu Romanesque

  Release date: January 11, 2017





01 Binetsu Romanesque by Nitta Emi
02 BURNING⇔LOVE with Suzaki Aya
03 ☆PARTY☆LOVE☆ with Nitta Emi & Suzaki Aya
04 Binetsu Romanesque (instrumental)
05 BURNING⇔LOVE (instrumental)
06 ☆PARTY☆LOVE☆ (instrumental)



  Release date: August 03, 2016





01 ☆STARRY☆ by Nitta Emi
03 Watashi ryuu ×HAPPY×STYLE  by Suzaki Aya
04 ☆STARRY☆ (instrumental)
05 RE//BORN (instrumental)
03 Watashi ryuu ×HAPPY×STYLE (instrumental)


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