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Especia - Nothing


Lyrics: Hi-Fi City

Music: Hi-Fi City
From the single "Mirage" (BMEJ-23, BMEJ-25)
Typed: SnakeRoot




You got me dirty trap
Again sneaking from the back
I thought you'd be the one on my side
Don't ever forget

Behind the sober man
Lies all the mad and rude signs
I start to feel the greed of your tact
There's no way out

Someone called you an evil cactus girl
Who ever touches you will be hurt
But you don't notice at all

Mindless eyes and whisper people catch
A glance will kill a man, surprised
Scent of a malicious smile

Drives me mad
She's doin' it again oh my god
Needles spread she's going to hide it anyways
Sorry but you're way far out,
oh please notice where you'll go