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Especia - Helix


Lyrics: Hi-Fi City

Music: Hi-Fi City
From the single "Mirage" (BMEJ-23, BMEJ-25)
Typed: SnakeRoot




oh you fell once again to dreams
i love the feel when sane go freeze
oh go on put your pain in sleep
your love with out please
seems ready to bleed

oh i don't know how to touch your skin
between the sheets i tend to creep
oh what you want is just a breeze
so trick the tears to fake

Don't let go tainted please
so you'll know how to breath

oh what you see is just a dream
perhaps it feels so free from will
oh must be long till you faint to sleep
roll on those strings just steady and steady

oh let's both melt in gravity
it's good to feel the groove magnetic
oh break all doors of fainted wish