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Especia - Affair


Lyrics: Hi-Fi City

Music: Hi-Fi City
From the single "Mirage" (BMEJ-23, BMEJ-25)
Typed: SnakeRoot




Don't ask me boy
You know I want it baby
Truth will hide away as long as I betray
I'll faintly say

You left me so alone
Glittering lights are good for dreaming
No you don't have to give me
Let's play a new game, he makes me go fly

Hold on I don't know what's so wrong
Baby please answer why
Cause I'm melting into you oh yeah
I am pleased to know why

How should we get along?
Many times it's hard to build sane friendship
Screw it you deserve it
Let's play a new game, we tell each other lies

Just say Seize me Love won't Save me
You'll go I'm here Come on Closer

You'll say I'm here
Fall into my arms oh baby
No please just answer to me