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Chara - Oshiete


Lyrics: David Macklem
Music: Chara
From the album "Utakata" (DDCZ-1781)
Typed: SnakeRoot



You say try to whisper
and I say call to me bird
Tell me about desperate times and feelings true

But hear me
You say you have hurt, but all the while
a great wind carries you through the world

I'm still a wide-eyed little child
Drunk on sky, I'll carry you
to get there

And when we fly, we find light

But it tries the soul when you can't get...
when I can't break through


I'm still a wide-eyed little child
You're still in doubt
I'll carry you angel

I'm calling you

We'll shake the water
and ripple the leaves
and find light

Just open your eyes to the sky